Light It Up
The name is Puckerman, but call me Puck. I just graduated from WMHS and if you've heard of the place, or Lima you've probably heard of me. Oh yeah I'm that Puckerman. All the stories you've heard are true and I'll fuck you up. Currently a firefighter in training, hate on me. Rachel Berry's my girl. I don't play well with others so don't touch my stuff. She's my stuff.

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Out of

You say you love Rachel but publicly... You do everything but show it. I'm confused.

Anonymous whispered:

I’m so sick of people saying this shit. If the only thing that matters to Rachel is that I didn’t show her how much I loved her publicly when I showed her how much I did privately then I’m glad we’re not together anymore. If everyone’s opinion of our relationship meant that much to her then she can be with them. 

1 year ago on 14 Jun

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